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Working With Global Companies & Individuals    

Aparna Datta, Director of this company, has worked on several multi-million dollar Online Marketing Projects for the Internet and Intranet within the marketing, financial, government, education and consulting fields. She makes websites clear, concise, and reader-friendly to help build revenue by attracting more viewers and customers. She is an SEO expert and a professional Social Media Manager.

She has created a team of highly educated individuals who can bring their talents to variety of services her company provides.

Our Team Consists Of The Following Professionals:

Online/Web Marketing/Communications Strategist
Online/Web Content Writer/Editor
Social Media Professionals (Twitter, Facebook, and much more)
Certified Technical Writer
Website Designer
SEO/SEM Strategists
B2B Marketing Specialists
CRM Specialists
Science Writer
Environmental Planner/Strategist
High School Teacher
Resume Builders & Editors
Dissertation and Thesis Editors
Essay Editors (all grade levels)

Services Offered:

  • Online Marketing Services
  • Online Editorial Content Services - including writing and editing
  • Website Design & Creation 
  • Create Written Language Guidelines - to keep your website consistent
  • Web Layout Ideas and Suggestions
  • Technical Writing - Provided by a Certified Technical Writer (E-commerce, ICT documentation, etc.)
  • Copywriting and Editing Services
  • Communication Services
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Social Media Expertise
  • Newsletters - Print or Online
  • Brochures
  • Company Profiles
  • Advertisements
  • Dissertation and Thesis Editing
  • Essay Editing
  • Resume Building/Editing
  • Press Releases

Several Professional Services are also provided to Musicians:

  • Music Promotions - Promoting bands in the USA, Australia & Europe
  • Professional Writing Services - Articles, Reviews, Press Releases, etc.
  • Popular Music Website Publishing of Articles
  • Music Festival Submissions Service - USA, Canada, Europe, & Australia

Please browse the web site to learn more about Aparna and the services she and her team provides. If the service you require is not listed please contact Aparna for further details at with any questions or comments.