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Creating Global Exposure For Musicians & Independent Music Labels Worldwide

Aparna is an experienced Music Journalist and specializes in Music promotions. As a Music Journalist she has worked with unknown and famous artists across the USA, Australia & Europe. Developing relationships with artists and bands she has combined her talents to provide a variety of promotional services. She now offers these services to you.

Exposing Your Talents:

Publishing Your Articles, Interviews, Reviews, Press Releases, Photographs, & Biographies: As a Writer for several Music Magazines & Music Websites you can request that Aparna have your information published globally. Several of these Music Publications are connected to a variety of Music Labels. She can also help you to perform at festivals worldwide.

Exposing Your Music:

CD's and Demos can be sent to her for personal reviews. These reviews may be kept for personal use or for additional services you may request that they be published onto a Music Website. Concert Reviews, Biographies and a variety of other types of articles are also available.

Please view the Writing Services page to purchase products.

Internet Radio & MP3 Website Exposure: Your Music also has the opportunity to be published onto popular radio and MP3 websites giving listeners a chance to hear your music and purchase it via your website.

Please view the Internet Exposure page to purchase products.

Website Design: Websites are very important for Musicians today to obtain global exposure. Aparna will work with you to create a personalized website. Email addresses are also provided with this package.

View the Website Design page for details on the service that is available.

Marketing For Festivals/Performances:

Personalized Help With Festival Submissions For Musicians From All Countries: Aparna can personally help you submit your Press Kit to the a variety of Music Festivals within the US, Europe, Canada, & Australia.

Please view the Music Festival Services page to purchase this product.

Personalized Press Kits: Essential for Musicians today. By having a Professional Press Kit you are then able to promote yourself worldwide. Each Musicians Press Kit will vary according to your preferences. A kit may include an entire biography, acquired reviews (concert, CD's), photographs, and a well documented letter that artists can use for future personal distribution throughout the world.

*DVD Press Kit Creation Service Now Available*

Photography Services: Please view the Music Photojournalism page for more information.

Please e-mail for further information and personal consultations.