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Purchase The Following Items For Maximum Internet Exposure 

MP3 & CD Sales On The Internet : Your music can be sold on a variety of popular music websites.

Internet Radio: Your music can be submitted to top ranking Internet radio stations & MP3 websites. These are popular Internet radio stations that appear first in the search results, and Internet radio stations hosted by large Internet radio portals.

Interesting statistics about Internet Radio usage: The ' internet radio ' is searched for over 300,000 times a month. The popularity continues to grow as MP3 players grow in popularity. 

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Online Music Magazines: Your information can be written and submitted to a variety of popular online music magazines. 

• Press Release Websites: Press Releases can be written and submitted to different publications.

• Blogs: Your can information can be submitted to related Blog publishers. Rapidly taking over the role of print media as a way to discover new music, blogs have the remarkable ability to move and expose bands with speed unattainable by traditional print resources. Blogs are the latest way that the industry is discovering new artists.

Time Magazine now names "Blog of the year" right next to "Men of the year." Blogs will continue to make a deep impact in the way people get new information and trends. Millions of people use blogs everyday and that number is growing and growing. Just as online music magazines Blogs are a very important part of your internet music promotion.

Interesting statistics about Blog usage:

There are 20.4 million blog readers in the US
There are 110 million readers worldwide

According to Google News, since July 2, 2004 there have been more than 3,470 online news articles that have mentioned either blogs, weblogs, blog or weblog! This by far eclipses the number of articles that have mentioned Britney Spears in the same period (2,820).

Directories: Your information can be submitted to international music directories, regional and genre based directories, and music search engines.

Interesting statistics about the usage of Directories:
The more links you have to your site the higher you will rank in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

For more details on exposing your Music onto the Internet contact Aparna at: