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Booking services for Australians are available for performances within Australia and worldwide.

With the vast array of talent within Australia Aparna Datta is offering her services to Australian musicians. Her goal is to expose the amazing young talent within Australia and to motivate future generations around the world to participate in musical activities.

The Australian-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, California will have musical performances available at their future events for Australian clients of Aparna Datta Marketing & Promotional Services.

The Australian-New Zeland-American Chamber of Commerce in Arizona will have musicial performances available at their future events for Australian clients of Aparna Datta Marketing & Promotional Services.

We are currently looking for corporate sponsors to help our clients with the cost of airfare, accommodation, and transportation expenses.

Contact Aparna Datta at: for more details if you are an Australian musician who would like to perform abroad or if you are a corporate sponsor wishing to sponsor this project.