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Aparna Datta is an accomplished Online Marketing Strategist/Specialist. She specializes in creating, writing, and editing content for the Web. She has worked on many large scale projects and helped to enhance the marketing and revenue of several companies. By providing these companies with new content she has helped made their websites more customer friendly and appealing.

Her professional background and educational skills enable her to provide an array of services. Currently, as a Promotions & Marketing specialist she helps a variety of individuals and companies within The U.S.A, Australia, & Europe.

Providing small businesses and large companies with personalized websites and marketing tools and strategies helps them to stand out from the competitive crowd.

As a Certified Technical Writer she creates technical manuals and publications for global companies. She creates brochures, flyers, online educational training tools, and a variety of other marketing strategies for large and small businesses.

Aparna is also working with musicians across the globe, writing CD reviews, Artist Biographies, and creating press-kits. With her magazine and recording industry contacts she is able to help artists become heard and recognized.

As a Writer for a variety music publications Aparna is able to provide special promotional help to Musicians. She is able to publish Musician's reviews and biographies on popular music websites. Also working with a variety of global music festival directors and music venues she is able to also help bands and artists expose themselves to the world.

Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce Knowles, TrustCompany, Andy Parsons, and Cyrus Chestnut are just a few of the famous biographies she has covered. Her reviews have also been published throughout the internet on a variety of Music websites.

As a Music Journalist her work has also appeared on All Music Guide,,,,,,, and much more. 

Not limited to Music, she has contributed to Travel and Leisure Magazine, Transitions Abroad Magazine, Alternative News Magazine, and Inside Roseville Magazine. Her feature writing specialties range from the entertainment/music industry to travel and health issues. She is a writer of self-help features, human-interest topics, restaurant/food reviews, sports articles, and an avid writer for veterinary and animal issues.

Winning International Photography Awards and working with World Picture News she is an accomplished photographer.

Working with several companies, publications, and individuals worldwide, she has the knowledge and experience to handle all assignments and projects.