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*Music Journalism Samples Are Listed At The Bottom Of This Page*

Have Your CD Reviews, Press Releases, Biographies, And Much More Written By A Published Music Journalist. Your Information Can Also Be Published Onto Popular Music Websites. If You Already Have Information Created It Can Also Be Published Onto Popular Music Websites For Internet Exposure.

Publishing Onto Popular Music Websites: Thousands of people will be able to read your biographies, press releases, CD reviews, and contact information. If you already have items written you may request to have them published onto popular music websites.        

* Please Note That You Must Have Authorization To Re-Publish This Written Work By The Author if his/her name is stated upon it. Aparna Datta will not be liable if Authorization has not been done previous to the publishing. You must also e-mail or send this Written Work to Aparna Datta

Biography: As a Musician you will need this for your Press Kit. Having this published onto a popular music website will create exposure to thousands of readers worldwide.                                                                                                              

CD Review: Another great addition to your Press Kit. To generate CD sales a CD review is always required.           

Press Release: To create recognition in the Music Industry you must have Published articles. Press Releases are required for obtaining performances worldwide.$75 USD: Press Release + 1 Publishing Onto Popular Music Website                   

Blogs: Your can information can be submitted to related Blog publishers. Rapidly taking over the role of print media as a way to discover new music, blogs have the remarkable ability to move and expose bands with speed unattainable by traditional print resources. Blogs are the latest way that the industry is discovering new artists.  

Directories: Your information can be submitted to international music directories, regional and genre based directories, and music search engines.

For the Products Above Please Note:

1. Once your item has been purchased Aparna Datta will e-mail you a questionaiire (for Biography) to fill out. 

2. Please send your CD and other information to Aparna Datta at the address listed at the bottom of this page. This will enhance your promotional product.

Music Journalism Samples

Australian Jazz Article:

All About Jazz

Transitions Abroad Magazine

Adrian Cunningham CD Review/Article:

All About Jazz

Ejazz News

Beyonce Knowles Biography:

Yahoo Music

Korean Music Wesbite (Article Translated into Korean)

Kelly Osbourne Biography:

Music Now

TrustCompany Biography:

MSN Entertainment

Andy Parson:

Andy Parson's Website: